18° Festival Internazionale degli Ottoni Italian Brass Week


Con la partnership della European e World Brass Association

Con la partnership della European e World Brass Association

The World & European Brass Association (WBA & EBA) - The International Festival cooperation

The Idea

Worldwide the situation for musicians changed in the last years because of the modifications in the cultural market. In a time when even orchestra positions are not save any more, the requirements for professional musicians are increasing continuously. These increasing requirements also have to be included in the education systems of young musicians.

Pierre Boullez said once: „We have to educate musically and technically flexible artists“. Especially brass instruments are divided in plenty of different disciplines, that cannot be taught by only one professor. For this the students need to work with different specialists.

To help the students to follow the permanently changing and expanding musical spectrum and to achieve a practical knowledge and understanding in fields like culture- and mediamanagement, intercultural communication, network building and contract basics in cultural business, is the aim of the European Brass Associaton.


Professionally ideal are, in addition to international University programms, intensive working periods in masterclasses and lectures in one location, directed by several Professors who are each leading worldwide in their disciplines. A Virtual Campus with educational- and seminar material, webinars etc. will be build up, to guarantee a continuous and sustainable supervision in the festival free time.

This offers the students a widespread education in the different disciplines of the instrument and its associated subjects, preparing them in the best way for the requirements of the cultural market.

The World & European Brass Association (WBA & EBA)

The World & European Brass Association are cooperations of music festivals all over the world. All partners are focussing on brass music. All festivals are independent. The WBA & EBA are cooperating with Brass Festivals and Universities across the globe.


The aims of the WBA & EBA:

* A world-wide sustainable musical education and post graduate professional education for all brass instruments from amateurs to students and professional musicians with masterclasses, workshops and events.

* A cultural exchange of world class musicians and European students as well as students from all over the world.

* An international exchange of professional musicology knowledge.

* The publishing and premiering of new brass compositions and re-premiering of lost early classical and baroque brass music of the private collection of e.g. Otto Sauter, the founder of the WBA & EBA.

* The World-wide public oriented presentation of brass music in concerts for a local, national and international audience.

* Involving new media and presenting brass music to new audiences.

Beside masterclasses and lectures, the festivals also organize competitions and exhibitions of instruments, music, CD‘s etc. and many concerts with world class jazz and classical artists.

The WBA & EBA offer the students a coordinated sequential course program throughout the year. The courses are given by an exclusive circle of specialized and internationally renowned professors and musicians, that cannot be found in other places in this combination.