21st International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

26 Luglio

500 Brass Parade

Friday 26 July 2019, from 5.00 pm from the Birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci 19.00 - Piazzale Michelangelo 20.00 Piazza Borgo Ognissanti - 21.15 Piazza di Santa Maria Novella)
NB: the driving program may be delayed due to traffic.

From the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci to Piazzale Michelangelo and Piazza di Santa Maria Novella
500 Brass Parade ... in the footsteps of Leonardo World premiére
30 musicians aboard 30 historic Fiat 500s will travel the journey that Leonardo made from Vinci to Florence. The Brass Parade in 500, on the 500th anniversary of the death of the Genius, will start from the birthplace of Vinci, will descend from the southern slope of Monte Albano, reaching the Arno, the Ganfolina Gorge, touching Malmantile, Lastra di Signa, will arrive in Florence , making the first stop at Piazzale Michelangelo and then continue towards the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella. Each stage will see the musical performance of a new composition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, created by the legendary Maestro Francesco Traversi and commissioned by the Italian Brass Network Association.
* A detailed and defined itinerary of the car ride will be provided after the press conference.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Vinci, Municipality of Florence, District 1 of Florence, Fiat 500 Club Italia, Borgo Ognissanti Association, Rangers
*free admission