21st International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

27 Luglio

Brass in Fiacchera - Wolrd Premiere

Brass in Fiacchera - Wolrd Premiere
In collaboration with Carrozze and Cavalli, for the first time in the history of the Festival, as well as in that of our city, this event will be realized. Small IBW's Ensembles will board the historic Florentine carriages, the Fiacchere, and will be conducted by the slackers through the beauties of the historic center.

However, these formations will travel along an unusual and unprecedented path ... we will not dwell on the usual 'History of Florence' ...

Tourists and enthusiasts will all be transported, really and historically, through this fascinating Florentine musical journey. The carriages will stop there where something extraordinarily musical has happened for our city, and the Brass Ensemble will remember that event with their performances, led by a festival guide. The Brass in Fiacchera, after the tourist-musical trip, will meet in Piazza Signoria, and they will play.