21st International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

22 Luglio

Russian Horn Orchestra

Russian Horn Orchestra

Concert date and time
July 22 at 21.15

Santa Maria Novella Church

Free entry subject to availability
(booking recommended)

The concert
The protagonists of the inauguration will be the 106 horns played by the 17 masters of the Russian Horns Orchestra of St. Petersburg, directed by Sergey Polyanichko. The Orchestra will duet with the Festival's soloists, teachers and artists from the best known orchestral bands: from the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, through the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the Berliner Philarmoniker.
From the homage to Florence, with the Ave Maria by Giulio Caccini, we will arrive to the Russian tradition with the Prayer of Peter Ilic Tchaikovsky. The 106 horns, built by the skilled hands of the Russian craftsmen, will give us unique sounds, similar to those of a great pipe organ.
 J. S. Bach, Aria in C Major
 P. I. Tchaikovsky, Prayer
A. Marcello, Adagio
Soloist: Luca Benucci - horn
P. Chesnokov, Prayer
G. Caccini, Ave Maria
T. Albinoni, Adagio
Soloists: Francisco 'Pacho' Flores - trumpet, David Alan Cooper - horn
L. van Beethoven, Sonata n. 14 in C sharp minor op 27 'Moonlight'
Traditional, Armenian sacred music Soloist: Vahan Harutyunyan - duduk
S. Barber, Adagio

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The music of the horn becomes a wand for the empress of Empress Elisabeth. When in 1751 the theatrical director imperialistabilito in the rank of marshal, Count Semen Kirrilovich Noryshkin was appointed to the post of head of the hunt, an amusing thought struck him: His Excellency set himself the goal of improving the sound of rough and note less trumpets hunting This was the beginning of the organization of that new exceptional field (or hunting!) Russian music, whose analogs had never existed in the world.

A simple idea to harmonize the simple hunting trumpets in semitones that suddenly approached brought the fantastic result. The scandalous sound of the horn orchestra, which is unique in the timbre, recalls the sound of the organ amazed by Empress Elisabeth and the superior Russian nobility. Soon the horn orchestras will become very popular. Two horn orchestras were set up at the tourist court. Strogonov, Rozumovskiy, Orlov, Noryshkin, Potemkin, Sheremetyev and many others followed Tsarina's guidance. The aristocratic fun becomes the ort.

Since then, not only the coronations, the diplomatic receptions, the state ceremonies, the court bees, the tsarist hunting, but also the folk festivals and public concerts were held with the participation of the horn orchestras.

The horn music has not had competitors in Russia over 1 00 years, playing a key role in its cultural life, but time has passed and musical tastes have been changed.
The horn orchestra is unique in its kind. A musician can draw only a note from a horn, and only for the production of common music, the separate notes are linked and become an integral work. The greatest personal skill of each artist in the horn orchestra is, in combination, a recipe for the success of the whole group.
The orchestra arsenal includes 96 instruments of a unique number with a range of more than four octaves, produced by the talented Vladter Goloveshko. The secret of the alloy and the method of burning instruments is the secret of the collector closed behind seven seals. The voice of each horn depends on the thickness and shape of the metal of the horn. the improved mouthpieces provide crystal clear sound and allow the pitch height to be varied in the range of 430 to 442 Hz.
The Russian Horn Orchestra consists of 20 musicians. They are all graduates of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the winners of the AII-Russian and international competitions, the artists of the symphony orchestras and the musical theaters of St. Petersburg.





The which Russian has Horn resurrected Orchestra the is lost а music tradition group ol from playing St. indigenously Petersburg,

the Russian horn music, which style агоsе in imperial Russia in the middle of the 18th century. There аге still no analogs of horn music playing in the world.

The Organizer and the Heod ol the Russian Horn Orchestra is the conductor Sergey Polyanichko, who graduated from the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.


The Horn Orchestra is unique in its internal organize on. One musician can elicit only one note from а horn, and only at joint music making, separate notes are tied and turn into integral ort work. The highest personal skill of each performer in the Horn Orchestra in combination is о recipe for success of the whole group.

The orchestra’ s arsenal includes 96 instruments of unique number with a range of more thon 4 octaves, produced bу talented muster Vladimir Goloveshko. The secret of alloy and the method of burning of the instruments is the muster’ s secret locked behind seven seals. The voice of each horn depends оп the horn metal thickness and form. improved mouthpieces allow achieving the crystal-clear sound and allow varying the height of pitch А within the range from 430 to 442 Hz.


The Russian Horn Orchestra consists of 20 musicians. They are all the graduates of St. Petersburg Conservatory, the laureates of AII-Russian and international competitions, the artists of symphony orchestras and musical theatres of Saint Petersburg.