20th International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

14 Luglio

Brass & Jazz for Charity

Brass & Jazz for Charity

Friday 14 July‪‬


Teatro Odeon


Italian Brass Week's Jazz House Band & International Soloists

Piero Borri (Drumset), Franco “Frank” Santarnecchi (Keyboards), Ares Tavolazzi (Upright Bass)

IBW 2017 Soloists:

Rex Richardson (Trumpet), Andrea Tofanelli (Trumpet),

Alain Trudel (Trombone), Roland Szentpali (Tuba)

The leader of the IBW 2017 Soloists, the showman Andrea Tofanelli, will conduct the evening through improvisations, blue notes, polyrhythms, harmonic progressions and pentatonic scales that will amalgamate the ethnic atmospheres from Afro-American to 'cultured' european music, in a persistent pulsation, elastic, swuinging, looking for the most original combinations and hybridisations that render this event one of the most anticipated and auspicious occasions in this edition of the Festival. 

Virtuosity and musical acrobatics constructed on the most notable Jazz standards from America and elsewhere across the world.

We are extremely proud to have some of the most internationally renown Jazz soloists in our artist lineup, especially because our Festival wants to give importance to this musical genre as well.

This is a Charity event to support the Lions School of holistic massage for the blind.  


- Paid Admission - 

In collaboration with Fiorenzo Smalzi, Director of the School of massage and gelateria owner of the same name in Via de' Servi in Florence, who devoted himself to support this initiative since its inception. An evening dedicated to acquire funds to realize a project geared towards personalized instruction and helping young visually impaired students to insert themselves in the work world and be able to create occupational opportunities for themselves. The Lions School, in fact, sustains entrepeneurial start-up projects for every single student, and with increased funds, policies can be activated for competent, but unemployed, workers, to further develop a massage center that can give work to youth who have chosen this as their career path. The qualified teachers and the scholastic space have, instead, been found by the CSEN Florence, Ente di Promozione Sportiva, Sociale e Culturale located in Viale Europa. The instructional material, adaptation of teaching jargon and the technical supervision are provided by the Unione Italiana Ciechi Toscana, who has implemented the students' research on the territory, supported by I.RI.FO.R.